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The neccessary tools when going to school

Upon receipt of admission notice, Brainy Kids Academy will arrange a meeting with Parents. During this meeting, the School will give Mum and Dad a list of things that need to be prepared for your child to enter. Each school has its own set of rules, but basically parents need the following:

- Complete the admission application & related documents to send back to the office.
- 2 sets of clothes to change.
- 1 bottle of anti-insect sting, suitable for your baby's own skin and location.
- Diapers (diapers) & wet paper (wipes) if your child still doesn't know how to call pee / poo.
- The school provides drinking cups for each of you.

* Note: Parents, please write your child's name on all your baby's personal belongings. Or the teacher in the class will help write the child's name on the items.

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Psychological changes in children early in school

Most children in preschool age have reactions, uncomfortable when having to leave relatives to go to a new environment. The first time children go to school is not a simple matter of going from home to school. If parents do not have a well-prepared plan, the child is very susceptible to psychological trauma, which can affect the child's psychological and physiological development in the future. Normally, in the first days of school, parents can notice that the baby has changes such as: irritability, more clinging to parents, loss of appetite, weight loss, sickness ... These manifestations usually last from 1 - 2 weeks (or maybe longer, depending on the situation). Parents can help babies overcome by:

- Take your child to get acquainted with school before starting school.
- Talk with your child about the benefits of going to school such as: having many friends to play with, having many interesting activities at school.
- Encourage your child to ask questions and respond politely to teachers.
- Teach children more skills needed when going out: learning skills, self-care skills, communication skills, skills to respond to danger.
- Encourage your child to have fun and interact with classmates.
- Let your baby sleep early to go to school to be alert and not tired.

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Parent Notebook

1. Class time
- Brainy Kids Academy accepts babies from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Saturday every week.
- 6:30 am: Teachers, Staff and Admissions Department will be present to do the cleaning, ensuring the classroom environment before picking up the baby.
- 5:00 pm-5:30pm: Teachers, Staff and Admissions Department will look after children picked up after 5:00 pm in the late check-out room of the school.

2. Communication between Home and School
- Parents will receive their children's program + menu each week through Little Lives software
- The school office also regularly sends notices and news so that parents are aware of the events taking place at school.

3. Menu
- The school's menu is built on the basis of nutritional science, to meet the energy needs and balance of the child. Children's meals are built according to the following criteria: a rich and attractive menu for children, ensuring a balanced coordination between food groups: protein, starch, fat, sugar, and fiber. Clean, fresh and delicious food, with clear origin, processing techniques with taste, delicious taste.
- Baby meals will be designed according to family meals, helping children connect with others.

4. Health
- The school has a medical office with a full-time medical staff, always during the time the child is at school to take care of the child's health when needed.
- For the sake of children's health and safety, before going to school all children need to be fully immunized according to the national immunization program. Families need to provide a copy of the child's immunization record at school.
- In the event of an emergency medical, the child will be taken to the medical center or hospital that the parent registered with the school during admission procedures. All costs will be paid by the student's parents according to the hospital bills.

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