Admission process
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Admission process at Brainy Kids Academy
Parent consultation
- Receiving kids' information of and the wishes of their parents.
- Guide parents to visit facilities and answer parent's concern
- Guide parents with the procedures for reservation and admission.
Parents complete the registration process at the admissions office and pay the registration fee at the school's accounting department.
Official admission
- Parents complete a full set of school admission documents and return them to the admissions office within 7 working days from the date of purchasing these documents.
- Parents please pay full tuition fees on time according to the school's regulations.
Kids get acquainted with the class
- Parents prepare and bring your children's personal belongings to school on the day of school.
- Children need to be brought to school within 1 week continuously to be able to get acquainted and integrate into the new environment.
- Teachers will guide parents the roadmap for children to get acquainted with the class when they first arrive at school.