Theory of multiple intelligences
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Intelligence is seen as a measure of a child's learning potential and is measured by standardized methods such as IQ testing. However, study shows that intelligence is not static - but dynamic and children continuously develops throughout their life.

Theory of multiple intelligence is a theory of human intelligence that is viewed in many ways, studied and published by Dr. Howard Gardner. According to Gardner, "the intelligence is the ability to solve problems or create products for which these solutions or products have value in one or futher cultural environments". The intelligence cannot be measured solely by IQ.

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Theory of multiple intelligences benefits for kids
At Brainy Kids Academy, we understand that your child is unique and has individual needs, interests and strengths in particular. By expanding the vision of intelligence and create opportunities for kids, Brainy Kids Academy can take advantage of the baby's strengths to complement the less developed parts. According to this method, human intelligence is divided into 8 types of intelligence:
1 Language intelligence
2 Spatial intelligence
3 Internal intelligence
4 Human relations intelligence
5 Music intelligence
6 Motor intelligence
7 Natural intelligence
8 Mathematical intelligence