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Age (3 - 6 years old)

The preschool program aims to help children develop a harmonious physical, cognitive, linguistic, emotional, social and aesthetic skills, best preparation for primary school. At this stage, the baby is older and has their own thoughts that express their personality At Brainy Kids Academy, we classify into 3 classes in this age group, ensuring the child receives the best education.

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Active Rabbit
3-4 years old
Respon Koala
4-5 years old
Brilliant Lion
5-6 years old
The field development
Ability to express understanding by images, actions, words, gestures.
Develop coherent language, capable of interpreting, justifying and convincing.
Studious, like to experience and discover all things and phenomena around.
Ability to observe, judge, compare, classify and memorize in an intentionally way.
Ability to solve simple problems in different ways.
Form and develop positive thinking for children.
Help your child have more creative ideas with richer imagination.
Form a exercise habit to help children be more conscious of being active to exercise and maintain health in the future.
There are some good qualities: self-awareness, respect, friendliness, care, sharing, ...
Comply with a number of principles and regulations in family, community and kindergarten activities.
Establish and develop teamwork skills.
To have some life skills: self-confidence, courage, self-reliance, cooperation.

Learning session

Teachers will use appropriate learning materials and toys to help children know how to immediately interact and effectively use. Children will learn the concepts of cause and effect and thereby encourage them to ask questions and be eager to learn.
- Study by project.
- Extracurricular learning: English, martial arts practice.
- Outdoor picnics.
- Practical experience activities.
- Physical education.

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The difference at Brainy Kids Academy
Learn English with native teachers.
Children are always working in groups during the activity.
Parents are allowed to meet experts after the end of the project.
Children's meals are designed according to family meals, ensuring full of nutrients and helping children connect with friends better.
English and martial arts are included in the curriculum with no additional fees.