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Age (12 - 18 months)

Children's comprehensive development in the first years of life is mainly through play and interaction. Thereby, children will learn basic skills and experiences and then know how to explore and learn about their surroundings more effectively. At Brainy Kids Academy, we classify 3 classes within this age range, ensuring the child gets the best education.

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Yummy Cocoon
12-18 months
Nice Caterpilla
19-24 months
Intel Butterfly
25 - 36 months
The field development
Language development for children
It is the foundation for children to understand and express emotional manifestations. Be innocent in communication, feel the rhythms of verses, poems and feel mood and tone of words.
Developing children's independence
based on the process of forming and developing groups of skills (Basic and self-service).
Develop comprehensively senses
so that babies are aware of their own behaviors.

Learning session

Teachers will use appropriate learning materials and toys to help children know how to immediately interact and effectively use. Children will learn the concepts of cause and effect and thereby encourage them to ask questions and be eager to learn.
- Study by project.
- Extracurricular learning: English, martial arts practice.
- Outdoor picnics.
- Practical experience activities.
- Physical education.

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The difference at Brainy Kids Academy
Learn English with native teachers.
Children are always working in groups during the activity.
Parents are allowed to meet experts after the end of the project.
Children's meals are designed according to family meals, ensuring full of nutrients and helping children connect with friends better.
English and martial arts are included in the curriculum with no additional fees.