Activities of the month
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Outdoor activities always make BKA kids excited and enthusiastic
The cool morning, what is more wonderful when the whole schoole get together in the fresh air, a little warm sunshine, close to the plants in the school yard. Brainy Kids Academy teachers organizes the interesting and new activities and helping all children discover more intimate things outside of life.
Outdoor activities are an indispensable activity in your baby's daily routine. When children participate in outdoor activities, they will gain knowledge about the world around them by contacting, learning, discovering and paying attention to what happens in the life around them, thereby helping them develop more comprehensively. Through outdoor activities, babies are satisfied with their active needs, the need to explore and observe the world around them to help children increase living capital and freedom of activity. Outdoor play activities give babies agility, easy to adapt to the natural environment and help them become more confident and bold in life. Therefore, outdoor activities are indispensable in the child's curriculum at Brainy Kids Academy. Teachers regularly organize for children to participate in understanding the surrounding world through observing things, events, nature, plants ... so that they can be in contact with nature. Of course, being able to breathe fresh air, being discovered, satisfies your child's curiosity, provokes excitement.
When organizing outdoor activities, children are allowed to participate in deliberate activities and games alternating between dynamic - province, to help children recognize and get used to the surrounding life environment ...children can play, laugh. Talking, running and jumping ... These activities help babies develop physically, move to help them consume energy, babies will eat and sleep better, running, playing, breathing fresh air, helping the baby the brain is at ease, and is more receptive to the classroom lessons.